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Our Pastor


Pastor Jabari Douglas was born in the Bronx New York.   He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   He also received his Master of Arts and Religious Studies degree from Howard University School of Divinity.   He is currently working on his Masters of Social Work at Howard University. 


Raised in the church, Pastor Douglas knew he was called to the ministry at a very early age.  Pastor Douglas was licensed to preach at Faith, Victory and Freedom Ministries in Sanford North Carolina.  He was later Ordained at the Temple of Praise in Washington DC; was later consecrated as an Apostle at the Kingdom Worship Center.   Pastor Douglas is a church planter at heart.  His desire to hear the still speaking God and create places of worship where people can meet this God has been the foundation of his ministry.  


Pastor Douglas has also worked to provide government funding as well as local grants to community organizations.   He works to build coalitions and networks that help marginalized communities obtain necessary resources for everyday life.  


With over 18 years of ministry experience Pastor Douglas established Love Center United Church of Christ merging his Pentecostal upbringing and his education to create a cutting edge ministry that reaches people in the margins.   Pastor Douglas is currently in the process of receiving standing with the United Church of Christ and is a Pastor within the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries. 


Pastor Douglas considers one of his greatest accomplishments and responsibilities is being the father to his two sons.  

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